Each digital artwork comes with an NFT certification and can be uploaded to an NFT wallet or if you wish to view the work at home it can be simply uploaded to a computer and smart TV for constant viewing as part of your personal art collection.

Catalina Guirado creates animated digital art under the name  'GUIRADO' using her father Juan Antonio Guirado's ( 1932-2010) original works on paper and then re-imagining them as contemporary works with animation interpreting the meaning behind the art and bringing it to the viewer's consciousness. She sees it as the ultimate collaboration between generations and continues the legacy of the late artists' work creating a new generation of collectors who connect to the work and enjoy experiencing psychedelic art and opening the Third eye.

Juan Antonio Guirado is famed for his 'visions' of spiritual awakening and environmental concern earning him to be christened in the press back in 1976 as 'The Artist with an eye on the future.'