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Flores del Futures X - Limited edition of 20

Flores del Futures X - Limited edition of 20

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View with the Third Eye. We are all eternal beings our physical body is just a suit of armor for this reality.

NFT Limited edition 50 second Meditation edition.

Original Music by West13 music 

Psychadelic animation by Catalina Guirado

Original painting by Juan Antonio Guirado, 1994, Oil on paper.

NFT minted by Prove Anything

This painting is part of a series called Flores del Futures ( Flowers of the Future) - still lives of flowers set against a futuristic apocalyptic landscape that he painted across the decades from 1988 until 2003. This is one of two that are monochrome. The NFT shows half the painting disappearing before your eyes a warning of the destructive effects of global warming.

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KARMA By GUIRADO. Limited edition digital art/NFT collection.


The ZEN Collection of Print Designs and Digital Art.

Create a Zen vibe in your home with these exclusive limited edition print designs that reflect tranquility and meditation.

Juan Antonio Guirado (1932-2010)

Expand your mind with the abstract surrealist art by the Spanish painter that encouraged you to view his paintings with the 'Third Eye'. Limited edition prints from the Guirado Estate with NFT certification.